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소방용 CPVC

CPVC for Firefighting

Special Features of Kwang Woon’s CPVC
1. Application
- Fast Replacement of fire pipe with CPVC pipe for the buildings built since 2010
- Thus, requires a structure where the existing SP-J is connected with CPVC.
2. Products of other companies
- CPVC double hook structure condition and easy to hookup -> Cost reduction
- Structure of attached type packing + terminal ->Unique expansion structure, ensures excellent airtightness
Excellence of Flexible Joints
It has excellent structure and function.
Flexibility : It is easy to install even in narrow places and obstacles, greatly improving work efficiency.
Structure : It can be easily installed by anyone with a simple structure of an assembly syste.
Position adjustability : Easy adjustment of top, bottom, left and right position even in uneven front face ensures high quality construction.
Robust connection structure when connecting CPVC pipe
Quality is excellent.
Corrosion resistance : Excellent corrosion resistance due to use of excellent corrosion resistant material and reliable transition prevention structure between dissimilar metals.
No defectiveness : There is no defect factor due to scientific packing and insulation structure, so there is no burden on post management.
Quality : It is manufactured under various international quality certification system and advanced facilities, ensuring excellent quality.
Excellent economic-effectiveness
Reduced installation period: Able to reduce the construction period more than 4 times on average compared to the steel pipe construction method, as it has high work labor productivity due to simple installation structure.
Reduced labor cost: It reduces labor cost as well as the easy supply of contractors since it does not have to be installed by a professional plumber.
Cost-effectiveness: Low cost due to standardized mass-production by a professional company
Innovative cost reduction when connecting CPVC pipe to the piping

Ball Valve for PB Pipe

Features of Ball Valve for PB Pipe
1. Characteristic of the Product
- KC certified by the Korean Waterworks and Wastewater Association as "Conforming to the Sanitary Safety Standards of Water Materials and Products"